Welcome to Your Next Level

Just kidding.

You’re not there yet. You’re just on a website.

But I want to get you excited for what’s to come, because this year can be the year where things completely change for you.

I want you to believe that you CAN break the cycle of never making it to your goals as a b-boy or b-girl.

I know you can do it. And we’re going to do it together in this year’s Dojo 14 Day Challenge.

By clicking that button in your email, you’ve started the ticking timebomb to your success.

So, get ready for January 9th, when it all starts.


Everyday, we’ll give you a small challenge to help you shake off the holiday rust and prep you for a year of serious training.

But I also want you to not forget to do one small thing.

I want you to think seriously about how you’re going to celebrate when you complete this challenge, and when.

Are you going to just do it once at the end, or reward yourself for each day you complete?

Make sure you book it in your calendar and DO IT! Learning to celebrate your wins is even bigger than all the training.

January 23rd is the last day of the challenge.

I can’t wait to see you at the finish line.

– Focus