Welcome to Your Next Level

Just kidding.

You’re not there yet. You’re just on a website.

But I want to get you excited for what’s to come, because this year can be the year where things completely change for you.

I want you to believe that you CAN break the cycle of never making it to your goals as a b-boy or b-girl.

I know you can do it. 

By clicking that button in your email, you’ve started the ticking timebomb to your success.

So, get ready for this Tuesday when I show you how to put all the things you learned in the 14 Day Challenge together. 

And thank you for being a part of the challenge. To see this kind of feedback makes me hype for the coming year too:

Felt so motivated after doing the Day 2 challenge. Thank you B-Boy Dojo & Focus for the workbook and the challenges! Much love from India 🇮🇳
@rohanpvt50 e1673022745785
The challenges were fantastic. A huge eye-opener. After the 14-day challenge was complete I took 2 days off to just stretch and let my body recover. When I had my first training session back last week Friday. I felt great. I felt light and more bouncy. More flexible. And I took my time when I threw down.
Thank you for providing such a dope & motivating workbook for us that also guides us to maintain discipline for our goals!
The challenges were very motivating, some I had never tried, some easy, and others more difficult. I liked the workbook a lot. It helped me to see other ways to motivate myself to train and improve by focusing on all the new parts of the new exercises learned such as strength, resistance, relaxation, and nutrition.
@aramis breaks
It was an awesome challenge! I was already struggling with scheduling my practices and I was searching for different kinds of training outside of breaking. This challenge and your recommendations helped me a lot with those issues! It was diverse and didn't need a lot of place and time to do it. The training was easy to incorporate into a weekly schedule.
@bboy loosefit

Your next step? 

Register for my webinar this Tuesday, “Why Be Average When You Can Be Great”, where you’ll get a step by step plan to achieving your b-boy/b-girl potential. 

– Focus