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The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo Has Been Inspiring Breakers Worldwide Since 2015.

The B-boy & B-girl Dojo gives people the tools for their development in breaking and hope for the future so they can look forward to creating their own visions in dance. 

Founded in 2015 by b-boy Focus and b-girl AT, the B-boy & B-girl Dojo now boasts over 400+ students who have benefited from its educational goals of enhancing each student’s potential, of fostering his or her global awareness, of instilling in each individual the tools for their development and hope for the future, so they can create their own vision and contribute to the overall improvement of breaking culture. The Dojo’s history of promoting the educational philosophies within breaking is the foundation of the organization.

Our Team


Jussi “Focus” Sirvio

Director of Operations & Marketing

Charles "Mercenary Gao"

Illustrator & Designer

Jamal "Bangid0s" Firdaus

Social Media Manager

Jesse Duvall


Lavall "Brisk" Chichester

Director of Social Media

Likha "Create" Leyte

Design & Content

Jey "Prime" Seneres

focusat 6

Jussi “Focus” Sirvio

An icon for Finnish street dance culture, ambassador of Finnish hip hop culture. Dancing for over 20 years, won over 50 battles. Taught workshops for thousands all around the world and judged the biggest street dance battles in the world such as Red Bull BC One, Battle of the Year, R-16 and Juste Debout. Triple Circle Kingz World Champion, Rock Steady Crew Anniversary Champion, first European Official Concrete Battle Champion etc. He’s one the founding members of Flow Mo crew and Saiffa – Flow Mo Dance School. Focus has done it all and stays on the grind.

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Aug 1

Dojo idea gets it’s birth, while Focus is taking dj Q-Bert’s online dj workshops. Preparation and planning work starts.

qbert skratch university


Feb 23

Dojo Productions Ltd gets registered as an official company.

May 1

bboydojo.com is ready and is released after 9 months of preparation.

Jun 9

Dojo Asia Release 6 Week Tour, 20 workshops in China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.

Nov 8

Collaboration between Freestyle Session & The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo, Dojo endorsed b-girl battles at Freestyle Session.

Nov 14

Focus judging Red Bull BC One World Finals

Dec 6

Invitation by the president of Finland. The Dojo staff gets invited to the Independence Day’s ceremony to meet the president of Finland Sauli Niinistö. The celebration gathers important people in the country and this year’s theme was culture.


May 25

Dojo and Breakdance Project Uganda partnership. B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo starts coaching the teachers in Kampala through the platform to empower the local scene in Uganda.


Jan 23

Teacher Education first edition gets released. The first edition was done fully online and in Finnish, gathering 50 breaking teachers all around Finland. Second edition turns the program to an international version and the Dojo starts to educate breaking teachers all around the world on a yearly basis.

Apr 17

International Teachers Education program starts for the first time.

11 Dojo Beats
Oct 6

The Dojo Beats 7” vinyl record gets released. The beats Focus produced for the platform are finally put out on wax. With a limited press, the vinyl gets sold out in a half a year.

12 Mr Wiggles
Nov 6

The legendary Mr. Wiggles joins the Dojo as guest teacher with his course: Original Hip Hop Dance and Party Rock.

Dec 13

B-Boy documentary premiers. National TV of Finland follows Focus for a half a year on travels and workshops. The documentary features a soundtrack by Finland’s number one funk band The Soul Investigators. Premier hosted at a private showing for the scene in a movie theater in Helsinki followed by a premier on national TV.


Feb 17

Cornell University in NY USA invited the Dojo staff to do research in their hip hop collection for two weeks. The trip also included workshops, lectures and judging, plus a screening of the B-Boy documentary about Focus.

14 Research in Cornell
Mar 15

Dojo hires it’s first employee, Charles Gao from Canada. Charles is later followed by Alexander Dziri from Belgium and Eric “Eso" Luu from USA.

dojo yt thumbnail 1
Nov 23

Focus’ new youtube show the Knowledge Drop premiers. The show concentrates on the philosophy, history and concepts of breaking and gets a new episode weekly.


Jan 20

The Footwork Essentials gets released. Full course on the key concepts to master level footwork with 60 tutorials.

Aug 6

Lavall “Brisk” Chichester from New York joins the Dojo team as an investor and CMO.

19 Break Free Award
Dec 30

Focus gets rewarded with the first Educator of the Year title at Break Free Worldwide Awards. Other nominees are Poe One, Intact, Lego and Paulskee.


Feb 8

The Perfect Practice Formula, Focus’ new course is released. This course is a seven week course to optimize one’s training with the best practices of all fields, aiming for longevity as a breaker and lifetime of inspiration and wellbeing.

Mar 13

The first training camp for the National Olympic team of breaking in Finland. Focus has been hired as the official head coach.

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