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B-Boy Sunni – Sunni Brummitt

B-Boy Sunni - Sunni Brummitt

B-Boy Sunni – Sunni Brummitt

March 3, 1995
Toprock 60%
Footwork 80%
Freezes 80%
Power 80%
Fashion 60%
Creativity 100%


B-Boy Sunni, born Sunni Brummitt, is a renowned breaker hailing from England. With a rhythmic prowess and an unparalleled style, he has solidified his name among the elite in the breaking scene. Born on March 3, 1995, in England, Sunni’s journey into the world of breaking began at a young age, fueled by his passion for dance and an insatiable drive for excellence.

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Over the years, Sunni has amassed an impressive list of victories in top-tier breaking competitions across the globe. These victories not only showcase his exceptional talent but also highlight his relentless dedication to the craft. Here are the top 5 breaking competitions where B-Boy Sunni has emerged victorious:

  1. World Championship Breaking Adult – Leuven, Belgium (September 23, 2023): In a display of unmatched skill and creativity, B-Boy Sunni claimed the top spot at the World Championship Breaking Adult in Leuven, Belgium. His electrifying performance captivated audiences and earned him well-deserved recognition on the global stage.
  2. BfG World Series Breaking Adult – Porto, Portugal (August 30, 2023): Sunni’s journey to breaking stardom continued with a remarkable win at the BfG World Series Breaking Adult in Porto, Portugal. His ability to fuse tradition with innovation set him apart from the competition, securing another triumph for the English breaker.
  3. Continental Games Breaking Adult – Nowy Sącz, Poland (June 26, 2023): Sunni’s dominance transcends borders, as evidenced by his victory at the Continental Games Breaking Adult in Nowy Sącz, Poland. His fluid movements and flawless execution left a lasting impression, cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with in the breaking community.
  4. BfG World Series Breaking Adult – Montpellier, France (May 17, 2023): Stepping onto the world stage once again, B-Boy Sunni showcased his unparalleled talent at the BfG World Series Breaking Adult in Montpellier, France. His dynamic performance and undeniable stage presence earned him yet another prestigious title in his illustrious career.
  5. Continental Championship Breaking Adult – Almeria, Spain (May 6, 2023): In a fiercely competitive arena, B-Boy Sunni rose to the occasion and emerged victorious at the Continental Championship Breaking Adult in Almeria, Spain. His ability to push the boundaries of breaking while staying true to its roots earned him accolades from fans and fellow breakers alike.

In addition to these remarkable victories, B-Boy Sunni has also claimed triumphs at prestigious events such as the UK Bboy Championships, Red Bull competitions, and the Unbreakable contest. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with his unwavering passion for breaking, continues to inspire aspiring breakers around the world. As he gears up to continue representing his unique style, B-Boy Sunni remains a beacon of creativity, perseverance, and innovation in the world of breaking.

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