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B-Girl Fresh Bella – Jiye Jeon

B-Girl Fresh Bella - Jiye Jeon

B-Girl Fresh Bella – Jiye Jeon

South Korea
Soul Burnz Crew
Toprock 80%
Footwork 100%
Freezes 60%
Power 38%
Fashion 100%
Creativity 63%


Introducing B-Girl Fresh Bella, also known as Jiye Jeon, representing South Korea in the breaking category at the 2024 Olympics. Born in 1999, Jiye Jeon has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the international breaking scene.

Learn More About B-Girl Fresh Bella - Jiye Jeon

Jiye Jeon’s journey to breaking stardom is marked by consistent excellence and an unwavering dedication to her craft. Her list of achievements speaks volumes about her talent and hard work. Notably, she clinched the top spot in the BfG World Series in Hong Kong in December 2023, showcasing her mastery of breaking on a global stage.

Her triumph at the Continental Games in Hangzhou further solidified her status as one of the world’s premier breakers.

Her prowess in breaking has also been recognized at the highest levels, as evidenced by her remarkable performance at the World Championship in Leuven, Belgium, where she emerged as a formidable contender. Additionally, Jiye Jeon has consistently delivered standout performances in various BfG World Series events across the globe, from Porto, Portugal, to Montpellier, France, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability as a breaker.

Notably, Jiye Jeon’s journey to breaking stardom began years ago, with her notable participation in the World Urban Games in Budapest, Hungary, in 2019. Since then, she has continued to hone her skills and push the boundaries of what is possible in breaking, culminating in her qualification for the prestigious Olympics.

Jiye Jeon’s style is characterized by a unique blend of power, precision, and creativity. Whether she’s executing complex footwork patterns or defying gravity with jaw-dropping freezes, her performances never fail to captivate audiences and judges alike. Beyond her technical prowess, Jiye Jeon brings a passion and energy to the dance floor that is truly infectious, inspiring aspiring breakers around the world to pursue their dreams with relentless determination.

Off the dance floor, Jiye Jeon is known for her humility and grace, embodying the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie that are central to breaking culture. She is deeply grateful for the opportunities that breaking has afforded her and remains committed to giving back to the community that has supported her journey every step of the way.

As she prepares to continue sharpening her skills Jiye Jeon remains focused and determined to make her mark on the world’s biggest sporting platform. With her unparalleled skill, unwavering dedication, and infectious passion for breaking, there’s no doubt that Jiye Jeon, aka B-Girl Fresh Bella, is poised to shine brightly the rest of this year and beyond.

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