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B-Girl Stefani – Anna Ponomarenko

B-Girl Stefani - Anna Ponomarenko

B-Girl Stefani – Anna Ponomarenko

Toprock 60%
Footwork 60%
Freezes 60%
Power 80%
Fashion 60%
Creativity 60%


In the pulsating world of breaking, where rhythm meets athleticism and creativity knows no bounds, B-Girl Stefani stands tall as a luminary of the dance floor. Born Anna Ponomarenko in the vibrant year of 1994, she hails from the proud nation of Ukraine, where she discovered her passion for breaking at a young age. With each step, each spin, and each gravity-defying move, Stefani not only defies the laws of physics but also shatters stereotypes about what it means to be a dancer.

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Stefani’s journey to breaking stardom is one marked by dedication, resilience, and an unyielding spirit. From the streets of her hometown to the grand stages of international competitions, she has left an indelible mark on the breaking scene. Her meteoric rise to prominence can be traced through her impressive list of accolades, each win a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

One of Stefani’s most notable triumphs came at the prestigious Undisputed Masters competition held in the heart of London. On May 16, 2023, she clinched the coveted 1st place title, cementing her status as one of the world’s top breakers. But Stefani’s success isn’t confined to one event; her consistency shines through in her multiple podium finishes across various competitions.

From the electric atmosphere of the BfG World Series to the fierce battlegrounds of continental championships, Stefani has proven time and again that she belongs among the elite. Her dynamic style, characterized by fluidity, power, and an innate sense of musicality, captivates audiences and judges alike, earning her respect and admiration throughout the global breaking community.

Off the dance floor, Stefani remains grounded, driven by a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities she’s been afforded and a desire to inspire the next generation of breakers. Whether she’s teaching workshops, mentoring aspiring dancers, or pushing the boundaries of her own artistry, she approaches each endeavor with humility and passion.

As she sets her sights on the even greater heights—Stefani embodies the essence of perseverance and excellence. With her unparalleled skill, boundless creativity, and unwavering determination, there’s no doubt that B-Girl Stefani will continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of breaking for years to come.

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