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Six keys to longevity in breaking

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Time for New Years resolutions! Many people make promises to eat better, train more and take care of them selves.

Here are our tips to keep going. How to stay involved, inspired and in shape for years or even decades?

I’m definitely not from the old school but been around for a while now since the mid 90’s. I’ve seen people come and go, move on to other things, a few comebacks and generations changing over the years. I’m happy to still be in the scene and have bright wishes for the future. Still very inspired to learn new things and develop myself as an artist.

Here are six things that have kept me going, hope they inspire you whether you’re a newcomer or have been involved in the scene for a while already.

1. Inspiration is everywhere, use it

Anything that gives you great energy can work as an inspiration for your art. If you oversaturate your life with breaking and breaking only it can kill your inspiration. Also inspiration doesn’t have to be only ideas for moves. If I feel good I dance better. Do things that are fun, exciting and light up your fire again.

Try other elements of hip hop culture as well. The energy and the vibe is one within the culture. Thus learning to rap, make beats, write or scratch builds your character and flavor in breaking as well. In case of an injury you can use the time to build your craft on other elements and your expression will be stronger. This can also prevent your time spent being injured from bringing your mood down. Quite the opposite, you’ll be exited and inspired to learn new skills and stay creative!

2. The importance of rest

The hardest thing for b-boys is not any specific move or combo but to rest enough to let the body recover. So here’s a good tip. Plan your training week starting from planning your resting days first. Personally two days of rest per week is good. If you’re young get at least one but I recommend two: one in the middle of the week and one on Sunday, no exceptions. That way you’ll be ready and charged up for the new week.

3. Proper gas in the tank

Your body won’t be able to recover if your don’t eat properly. Learn about food as much as possible and besides recovering better, you’ll feel better every single day. After trying out many different diets vegetarian has worked the best for me.

4. Understanding your limitations and working to get over them

We still haven’t seen a perfect b-boy or b-girl, everyone’s got weaknesses and limitations. Learn to recognize yours and start working on getting over them today! Never let your pride prevent you from going back to the basics! Expand your vocabulary as a dancer and you’ll be stronger.

Most of the injuries that b-boys and b-girl face happen because people train stuff they’re simply not ready on their level of skill or physical ability. Someone said “There’s no dangerous moves just bad preparation”. Work your way up to the harder moves step by step.

5. Supportive training

Breaking for decades can be pretty brutal for your body if you don’t approach it wisely. In case you have injuries meet up with a physiotherapist and don’t skip your rehab training. Find other training besides breaking that supports your body, wether it’s bodyweight training, gym, swimming, running etc. But do it to support your breaking, not for the sake of itself. It’s a thin line where the other activities start taking over your time and energy and your breaking suffers. For the last few months pilates training has done miracles for me, give it a try.

6. Crush your ego

Once you have no ego you’re free! Stop spending time on badmouthing others, spend that time on your personal development. Build bridges between people, work on making your local breaking community stronger. Welcome new generations and teach. That way your environment will eventually become supportive and productive on the long run.

Here you go, the big six! Hope they inspire you to think on the long run. Stay funky!

-Focus / bboydojo.com

Let us know your thoughts! What are your secrets to keep going? Comment below.

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