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How to Get Perfect Form and Look Like a Pro B-Boy or B-Girl

Table of Contents

Did you know that the b-boy form draws heavily from cartoons and comics?

In today’s Knowledge Drop, we explore what form means, how to make it better, and why you should. Check it out!

Episode notes:

[0:56] – What is Form? Does your dance visually represent Hip Hop culture?
[1:45] – To understand the physical language of Hip Hop, study the graffiti characters as well
[2:02] – Movement of comics was also an influence
[2:18] – Some of my favourite breaking forms
[2:41] – What are the benefits of understanding and having great form? Everything you do will look dope
[3:07] – A great form is also economic and saves you energy
[3:17] – A common beginner mistake is high in the back and low in the front for their footwork
[3:30] – More weight should on your legs than your arms
[3:39] – How to get better form then?
[3:41] – Set a goal for how you want your form to look like
[4:30] – Drill your footwork! Film 10 rounds, see what you want to change, then do it again with the changes. Both Ways!

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