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Footwork essentials


Join B-Boy Focus in Footwork Essentials, where you’ll learn how to create your own powerful and explosive footwork style and become a footwork battle champion.

Over the course of four weeks, you’ll discover what it takes to get more confidence, creativity and freedom in your footwork from one of the masters in the game.

you will discover how to:

  • How to get the perfect form so that everything you do will look fresh
  • The concepts I use to create all of my signature moves
  • My foundation for flipping moves
  • Practical battle skills that you can start using today
  • How to be truly confident with your own dance and let that show when you throwdown
  • The principles of a powerful and dynamic footwork style

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for the experienced b-boy or b-girl. This is less about the moves, and more about the mindset, philosophy, training techniques, and concepts you need to take your understanding of the dance to another level. It’s this level of deep understanding that will empower you to create your own signature style that you can be proud of, and confident in. This is true expression. 

what's in the course

It’s never what you do but how it’s done. In week one, we start with four lessons to perfect your form. This is one of the most important aspects of footwork, because once you master your form, anything you do will start to look dope:

  • How to have the perfect footwork stance
    • How the problem is often ankle flexibility, not just knees or hips
    • The most overlooked aspect of the stance, your back stance
  • The Whip & Return
    • The main way to have agile footwork
    • One of the top three most important things for funky footwork
  • Footwork handstyles
    • How paying attention to your arms brings character and style in your footwork
    • The three hand placements, pros & cons
  • Weight transfer and balance
    • How to get flow in your footwork

PLUS get eight drills to program into your muscle memory to reach your vision for your footwork.


Learn the foundation and flip it! In week two, we discover the key to an infinite arsenal. We get you one step closer to pure freedom in your movement:

  • My go-to method for creating signature moves
  • How to create without biting
  • How to remember all your moves
  • How to get unstuck in your freestyle and break your habits

PLUS get the foundation for flipping moves: a toolkit of six concepts that you can use to build your own unique arsenal

Confidence looks good on you. Here’s how to get it in concrete steps:

  • Why most breakers with dope footwork won’t win a footwork battle
  • How to hone your battle strategy
  • How to keep one step ahead by burning your opponents
  • How to know your material is dope enough
  • How to take your time
  • How to accept your flaws and confident with your level
  • How to turn negative thoughts into positive ones

A b-boy or b-girl concentrates on creating a dynamic style, not just a dynamic move. In the final week I go deep into the ways we can integrate power with our footwork:

  • Understand the Contrast Principle to make your movement really pop
  • How you can use your hips for more powerful footwork
  • Explosive footwork technique
  • Increasing the radius of your footwork
  • How to use ground power to improve your footwork
  • How to mix your power and footwork
  • How to build core strength

Gain access to a global community of other dedicated b-boys & b-girls who inspire each other and grow together. And for the first time ever, we’re organizing the Dojo Footwork Cup: a 1 on 1 online footwork battle to celebrate and test your progress from the course. On top of that, Platinum members get 6 weekly group calls where you get to ask me anything about footwork.

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