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Imagine seeing your students practicing hard, entering battles, and forming crews all on their own.

Entering a studio full of bright minds hungry to learn, and knowing deep down that you have something to offer them each and every day, is an incredible feeling.

The only thing is, getting there on your own can be a long and lonely path. It can be hard to find someone to teach you breaking, and even harder to find someone who can teach you how to teach. And no matter how long you’ve been teaching, there’s always that voice asking you, are you doing this right? Should you even be teaching?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me help you.

you will discover how to:

  • Get you & your students fired about the culture
  • Gain more respect in your community as a leader
  • Build & exchange with our global community of breaking teachers just like you. 

what's in the course

  • Understanding the history of the dance to know why we do what we do and be more credible in the eyes of your students
  • An in-depth overview of the origins of Hip Hop, starting with the first block parties and the beginnings of breaking
  • The books and movies that you need to check out for your own research into the history
  • Storm’s method of structuring a class for better results and progress
  • How he breaks down moves to appeal to different ways of learning
  • How to challenge students, plus examples of concepts that he teaches
  • The unconventional mindset for sparking inspiration in your students
  • The three journeys that every dancer goes through in the culture
  • Storytelling in your dance and through your teaching
  • How to teach the art of freestyle to your students
  • How to adapt your teaching to the different learning styles
  • The importance of timing to maximize your students’ learning
  • How you can create an empowering environment to maximize your students’ learning
  • How your country’s arts curriculum can give you ideas for teaching your classes
  • The complete original curriculum that I developed with AT for the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo

With each lecture, we’re going to make sure that you put what you’ve just learned into practice. What that means is that you’ll be working on assignments & projects by yourself as well as with others from your cohort, and weekly quizzes, all to get you ready for the final exam.

There will be a final exam to test your knowledge and all those who pass will receive a physical certificate. Perfect to show employers the investments you’ve made in your teaching skills.

When developing “Master Your Foundation”, we came up with our own progressive curriculum, which you’ll be able to use in your own classes. Have a ready to use set of moves and concepts, from six step all the way to preparing for battles.

Get access to our exclusive global network of professional dance teachers, where you can share, learn and build together. And every month, you’ll get to meet the other students in an open “teacher cypher” online.

The complete “Master Your Foundation” course includes over 100 videos breaking down all the fundamental moves and concepts in detail, an over 250€ value that comes with the Teacher’s Education! You will never run out of inspiration again.

To celebrate the end of the course, we’re building a special event just for you in October, featuring a day of seminars to elevate your teaching with me and guest lecturers, and a chance to rub shoulders with teachers from around the world. We’re selling tickets for 150, but as an International Teachers Education student, you’re already covered.


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