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After 20 years in the game, what I’ve realized is that the time you spend breaking and getting down is only half of the equation.

The other half is what you do with your mind and body everyday outside of breaking.

The way you eat, sleep, breathe, even the thoughts in your head, can all impact your breaking in ways you never imagined.

you will discover how to:

  • Develop the speed, strength and stamina you need to compete on an international level without over-training
  • Get fired up about practice again and break through your plateaus
  • Enter battles with the confidence that you’re training smarter than 99% of the breakers there

what's in the course

  • Discover the 5 pillars of success from Finland’s top self-management coach, Ilkka Koppelomäki
  • Develop the mindset you need to make noise at the next international jam, get the moves you’ve been stuck on for years, or execute your hardest combos under pressure 
  • Learn how to turn your mind into your most powerful tool to help you overcome any obstacle
  • Learn why sleep is so important to your success, and get my top 12 sleep optimization hacks for better sleep

After years of my own research, I discovered that a regular yoga practice is the perfect antidote for breaking-related injuries.

  • Learn with my yoga teachers, Kuldip Singh Quinterno and Sara Francesca, to develop your own breaking-specific yoga practice – the antidote to breaking-related injuries
  • Learn kundalini breathwork and yoga to balance the nervous system for better performance, whether you’re trying to hit a new move, or perform under pressure
  • Get easy-to-follow videos and routines that will open up your chest and shoulders, condition your condition your body for harder, more intense training and reduce your risk of injury
  • Why you don’t need a gym membership to build the explosiveness you need for crazy power, and what to do instead
  • The single-most efficient way of building the strength for higher flares, faster mills and more explosive footwork
  • A collection of the best kettlebell exercise routines that I’ve tested over the past decade – with techniques for beginners and advanced
  • The essential foods for high-performing breakers without the high price tag – no crazy powders or protein bars
  • Understand the supplements you need and should get – and avoid the ones that are a waste of money
  • Why intermittent fasting can boost your body’s natural recovery period – and how to safely do it
  • Learn breathing techniques that can boost your flow and stamina while you dance, calm your nerves before a battle, and generate extra strength in your power combos
  • Special techniques to manage your pain and injuries, and boost your recovery
  • How use the chill of a cold shower to master the heat of a nerve-wracking battle
  • How to translate the feeling of freedom at practice to the cyphers and battles by breaking through your mental limits
  • How Hatsolo and I created the “100” training method to prepare for Circle Kingz, the ultimate test of stamina
  • The training methods I used for my biggest exhibition battles against Machine, Flea Rock, and RoxRite
  • It’s time to put it all together – craft YOUR perfect practice schedule that you’ll stick to for the next 90 days, and I’ll be here to answer any questions or doubts you might have about it in our last group call
  • And finally, the ultimate test of your knowledge and skills thus far! You’ll get to challenge each other in our online battle, Training Grounds, and receive direct feedback from our judges

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