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master your foundation


If you’ve ever wanted the textbook on breaking, this is it.

Inside, you’ll discover what everyone really means when they say you gotta be “dynamic” or be “more free” when you dance. These are the small details that make all the difference that no one really tells you about on YouTube tutorials.

What details are you supposed to pay attention to? Why did that b-boy or b-girl win? If you want to actually understand what other people are seeing that you don’t see, what they mean by “being free”, and just enjoy the dance for what it is, then you need to master your foundation.

you will discover how to:

  • Have unshakeable confidence in the cirlces
  • Win battles while being free in your movement
  • Get respected and recognized for your own unique style

Who is the course for?

This course is for those of you who want to understand the missing link between where they are now and where they want their breaking to ultimately look and feel like. 

what's in the course

This level will give you a solid foundation to become a top B-Boy / B-Girl. No prior experience needed!

  • Learn how the dance works by understanding the vocabulary of breaking
  • Learn the fundamental moves like the 6-Step and Windmill

In level two you’ll start to develop more nuanced skills: you’ll learn top rocks, go downs, and some power moves to really get you going!

  • Learn toprock variations for the Indian Step and Crossover step
  • Learn advanced powermove techniques like the barrel windmill and flares
  • Learn how to transition into freezes and power moves

Here the learning gets tougher. We’ll teach you the most important components of understanding the music, and some more challenging components such as back rocks and freezes.

  • Go deep into understanding the quality of movement
  • Learn how to rock any beat by deepening your understanding of musical structure
  • Learn even more toprock and footwork variations

This will take you to the next level and towards truly becoming a grand master! We’ll teach you about flow & speed, powerful footwork, battle skills and the nuances of being a breakdancer vs. a B-Boy or B-Girl.

  • How to make your foundation powerful by understanding the philosophies of the dance
  • How to create limitless possibilities by using concepts and styles instead of moves
  • Become a complete breaker by understanding flow, freestyle, and the art of battling
  • Special Nutrition for breakers course by our nutrition specialist
  • The Prevent Injuries Course by Nefeli “b-girl sMash” Tsiouti’s (Break Align)
  • Access to our exclusive online community where you can share and connect with hundreds of other motivated breakers worldwide

The main instructional material has subtitles in six languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish and English!

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