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mr. wiggles original hip hop & party rock


The number one problem with b-boys and b-girls who feel stiff or awkward when they’re dancing is their lack of funk.

They’re doing all the right steps, even some of their own steps and variations. It’s on beat and to the music. Yet it ain’t funky. You can tell that there’s something missing.

And then you see your favourite dancer. They’ve got it all: musicality, original moves, funk, style. Somehow they’ve memorized every single song and know the perfect move to do at all the right times.

But how do YOU get there?


you will discover how to:

  • How to transform your breaking to be funky fresh with the original Hip Hop steps and grooves
  • Finally understand how the world’s best b-boys and b-girls rock the beat with so much style and finesse

Who is the course for?

This course is for b-boys, b-girls, Hip Hop dancers or any street style dancer who wants to rock the beat as if they were born to dance. 

what's in the course

Over 40 minutes of Mr. Wiggles himself breaking down the history, groove and rhythm of the original Hip Hop dance and party rock moves, all recorded in 4K HD.

There are 6 different lessons that will each teach you the fundamentals of party rocking from the original Bronx b-boy & party rocker himself. Once you master these, everything you do will start to look funky fresh.

An exclusive 1+ hour of instructional videos from his original DVD digitally remastered. Wiggles teaches you the foundations for all of the key grooves such as the Baseball Bat, the Smurf, the Bounce Rock Skate Roll, the Holly Pill, and more.

Finally understand the story behind every move, so that anyone who sees you dancing feels your dancing.

Also catch an exclusive recording of an original Hip Hop jam in the Bronx from 1978, see how party rockers used to dress back then, and watch an exclusive interview where he talks about the history of party rocking in Hip Hop culture.

Now the thing that you don’t see anywhere else, are the endless stories and history that he drops every time he teaches a step.

Mr. Wiggles is not just a popper, b-boy, party rocker, Hip Hopper, graff writer, but a living encyclopedia of Hip Hop history.

You’ll get the original names and history of all the steps, see how to perform all of them on the music, and how to practice them.

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