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Top 5 Breakdance Moves Tutorials

Breakdance moves tutorials
Breakdance moves tutorials

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Breaking is a chance for self-expression and to indulge in the rich cultural routes of Hip Hop. But learning how to breakdance doesn’t come quickly to everybody. The best way to begin is through the breakdance moves tutorials, where you’ll have the chance to learn alongside an experienced b-boy or b-girl.

If you want to level up your breaking skills at home, you need tutorials to help you learn at your own pace. In this guide, we will discuss some of the top tutorials for learning some of the foundations of breaking.

Breakdance Tutorials – 5 Ways to Take Breaking to the Next Level

Breaking is an art form that prioritizes a dancer’s individual artistry. Beginning with the basics is the canvas, but it’s down to you to paint a picture.

But where should you start?

Top 5 Breakdance Moves Tutorials

1. Crazy Commanders Breakdance Tutorial

The art of Crazy Commanders is fluidly moving between different styles of footwork and various moves. If you already know how to air flare, windmill, and so forth, it’s time to take your commanders from good to great.

In our tutorial below, you’ll learn how to move from basic footwork steps, such as the Indian step, and then transition into other footwork moves, like the 6-step. The key to crazy commanders is to maintain a continuous flow without pausing.

Mastering crazy commanders will help finetune your natural rhythm and flow. This is why the top 10 b-boys don’t have to think while performing their routines.

 2. 6-Step Dancing Tutorial

Breaking has always been about the rhythm of the music. According to the University of Berkley, it’s the music that bonds us together and gets our bodies and brains moving.

Learning how to breakdance begins by getting used to the rhythm of the music. It’s what fuels any b-boy or b-girl. And the 6-step is one of the best drills because it’s a foundational footwork move that’ll get you moving to the music.

Begin from the squat position and move your right foot in front of your left. Kick your left foot out to the side before bringing your right foot in and moving your left foot behind your right. Finally, use your right foot to step under your body before following with the left. Finish up in the squatting position, then rinse and repeat.

 Start from the squatting position and move your right foot behind your left while kicking your left leg out to the side. Finally, bring your right foot in and move your left behind the right. Rinse and repeat. 

But the 6-step is just part of mastering the basics. This breakdance tutorial will set the stage for more lessons, including the B-Boy and B-Girl Dojo Good to Great Footwork Collection.

3. Baby Freeze (and more) Breaking Tutorial

Freezes demonstrate the power and control a dancer has over their bodies. The ability to halt all momentum while maintaining your composure is as vital as learning how to do a headspin.

If you’re ready to master your foundation, the baby freeze is one of the most crucial freezes a young dancer can learn. 

It involves balancing on one hand, with your other arm and knee supporting the rest of your body. Begin in the kneeling position, with one hand planted. Lift your leg and jam your knee into the back of your elbow while shifting your weight and lifting your body.

With the baby freeze you’ll be placing the side of your knee on top of one elbow while the other is “stabbed” into your side.

Once you’ve added freezes like the chair freeze, baby freeze, and stab freeze to your arsenal, the next step is to incorporate them into your routine. Check out the Roxrite Freezes and Transitions course to take your freezes to the next level. 

4. Powerflow Breakdance Tutorial

At the Paris Olympics 2024, breaking will debut on the biggest stage. It will see the top Olympic b-boys and b-girls coming together for a shot at immortality. But one thing every competitor has in common is powerflow, one of the hallmarks of breaking.

Powerflow in breaking combines power moves and fancy footwork to create an energetic, fluid sequence.


Learning powerflow first requires you to learn essential foundational powermoves, including how to windmill, airflare, headspin, and backspin. With these already in your arsenal, you can begin chaining them together.

Start with your powermove of choice and execute it to create momentum. Next, transition smoothly into footwork, such as kicks, 3-steps, or 6-steps. Although moving between footwork and powermoves sounds simple, keeping the flow is the biggest obstacle you must overcome.

To learn more, check out the B-Boy Dojo Powerflow course now.

5. Pretzel Breakdance Tutorial

 The pretzel is a challenging move requiring the utmost flexibility and control. But pull it off, and it will always wow the crowd. The best way to start is to practice your pretzels slowly before doing them at full speed. 

So, how do you take your pretzels from good to great?

Begin by squatting down with your hands on the ground in front of you. Start the move by kicking your right leg to the left and return it under your body. Keep turning to the left and ensure your weight is positioned on top of your left knee.

Complete a full circle with your right leg, but make sure you move your knee and hands out of the way to complete the move. Perform it in both directions to create the pretzel shape, which is where the name comes from.

Start by sitting on the ground with your legs extended in front of you. Cross your right leg over your left and twist your upper body to the left. Place your left hand behind your back and reach your right arm under your right knee to grab your right foot or ankle.

 Your left hand is there to support your upper body as you pull your right foot as close as you possibly can. Once the twist is deepened, your body should resemble a pretzel, hence the name. 

It’s an advanced move requiring you to engage your core and demonstrate flexibility. Take it slow and ensure you’ve checked out the basics, such as our 14 Styles of Footwork course, first.


Any breakdance tutorial is there to demonstrate the foundations of a particular move or style. It’s an introduction and nothing more because what makes breaking unique is that every dancer has a unique style acting as a window into their soul.

 Don’t just stop at tutorials. Work out the moves, then add your own innovations and style to create a genuinely out-of-the-box routine.

At the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo, we specialize in providing advanced instruction to beginners and veteran b-boys alike. With an opportunity to learn from the very best, this is your chance to take your dancing to the next level.

Check out our courses for the best in breaking tutorials now.

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