Want to learn about the 14 styles of footwork? Click HERE.
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Master Your Foundation

If you’ve ever wanted THE textbook for breaking, this is it.

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Footwork Essentials

Discover the 6 pillars to footwork mastery.

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Teacher's Education

The world’s first breaking teacher certification.

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Perfect Practice Formula

Take your breaking to a professional level by making your lifestyle work towards your breaking, instead of taking away from it.

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Original Hip Hop Dance and Party Rock

Want to level up your funk? Discover the original Hip Hop grooves and party rock moves from the legend himself, Mr. Wiggles.

How to Pass Prelims and Never Look Back

If you’re tired of waiting for hours at the jam only to realize you didn’t make it past prelims, you’ve come to the right spot. Today you begin your journey to understand what’s been holding you back from shining and consistently making it past prelims. Once you join the course, I’ll be sending you a series of three videos where I show you how to:

  • train your mind to a champion level
  • understand exactly what the judges are looking for
  • structure your rounds with killer content

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