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How to Find the Perfect Breakdance School for You

breakdance school
breakdance school

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How to Find the Perfect Breakdance School for You


Breaking has been around since the 1970s, but it has continued to grow in popularity over the years. If you’re searching for a breakdance school to learn how to breakdance for the first time, the choices can feel overwhelming.

The same goes for dancing in general. According to the latest stats, U.S. dance studios generate $4.7 billion in revenue annually, illustrating just how popular dance is for self-expression and exercise.

But what do you need to know about finding a breakdance school in your area that’s right for your skill level and goals?

What is a Breakdance School & How Do They Differ from Ordinary Dance Studios?

Breakdancing schools are no different from any other type of dance studio. They may offer classes online, offline, or a mixture of the two. Likewise, they may offer classes designed for everyone from beginners to advanced levels under the guise of experienced instructors to help you level up your breaking skills.

Good schools are those that are run by notable breakers in the community, whether that’s on a local or national level. Pay special attention to who’s running the class. You don’t need to select a premium school run by one of the top 10 b-boys, but the instructors should have their credentials in order.

Note that an increasing number of schools are marketing themselves as “street dance” or “hip-hop” dance studios, so you may need to ask them whether they offer lessons in breaking specifically.

Factors to Consider When Considering a Breakdance School

If you’re sure that you want to master your foundation and join the thriving community of breakers, it’s time to begin comparing schools.

Here’s a rundown of the main aspects you should examine when selecting a school.

Online vs. Offline

Not everyone lives in an area with a conveniently located breakdancing school. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a breaker regardless.

Consider online classes with instructors to help you learn. Some may even offer live classes, where you can livestream from home. 

However, it’s very much a matter of personal preference regarding online vs. offline classes. Many members of the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo take online and offline classes for experience and hands-on learning.

Skill Level

Be honest with yourself regarding your skill level. Breaking is a demanding dance style, and the key to longevity in breaking is to leave your ego at the door.

It’s a dance form requiring strength, balance, and control. With strains and fractures making up around seven in ten dance injuries, knowing your limits is critical to getting the most out of safe breaking.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to learn about styles of footwork, freezing, and getting the perfect b-boy form before moving on to the more advanced stuff you see on TV.

So, ensure that the school or class you choose is suited to your skill level.


Does the school offer classes that fit around your schedule?

We all live busy lives and may lack the flexibility to attend regular classes. Again, this is why it’s worth learning how to practice at home so that you can attend remote classes whenever possible.

The best way to find out about schedules is to get in touch with a specific school.


Your goals also matter.

Some schools are there to help aspiring breakers reach the heights of the business and compete on a national level. These schools tend to be more serious, meaning you’ll learn how to windmill and how to incorporate it into a professional perfect practice formula.

On the other hand, other schools are far more casual in their approach. These studios focus on introducing the art of breaking and helping everybody to have fun.

Instruction and Personality

As mentioned earlier, working with an experienced, knowledgeable instructor is always essential. But how well you gel with them is equally important.

You won’t have fun learning your b-boy stance if you’re working with an instructor you don’t get along with. This is very much a matter of personal preference, which is why many dance studios offer free or low-cost introductory classes 


Always look up the reviews. With more than 54,000 dance studios in the U.S., it’s natural that not all will be of the same standard.

The easiest way to discover whether a school is worth your time is to search for a “breakdance school near me” and then look up the results. Examining a studio’s reputation on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews. See what others are saying about that breakdance school. 

It’s also worth asking others in your community for school recommendations.

What Do You Need for Your First Breakdance Class?

Attending your first class is always an intimidating experience. The best way to handle it is to come prepared, but what’s needed for your first breaking class?

Not as much as you think. Bring along:

You won’t need anything more than this. Breaking is easy and low-cost to get into, regardless of your school.

Conclusion – What’s the Best Breakdance School For Me?

The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo has been inspiring breakers at all levels since 2015. As an online knowledge center, you can learn everything you need to know about how to do a flare or how to do a headspin at all via a selection of handy courses.

Additionally, you can learn more about the cultural impact of breaking to furnish yourself with knowledge of this art. There are plenty of free articles on historical aspects of the sport, including the creation of the backspin and some of the names that made breaking what it is today.

Nothing stops you from practicing at multiple schools, whether you prefer online or offline. So, feel free to pick up classes in your community while supporting your practice with THE breakdance school, the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo. 

Connect with the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo to learn more today!

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