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Top 10 Must-Learn Breakdance Moves

top 10 must learn breakdance moves
top 10 must learn breakdance moves

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Breakdance is experiencing renewed success as the sport increases its profile and beginners enter the art of breaking. But the key to longevity in breaking is to start from the beginning and gradually work up to the advanced breakdance moves you see the pros doing.

After starting as a sub-genre of hip-hop in the 1970s, breaking has long since left its New York City heartland and now extends to London, Paris, and Tokyo. But where should you begin your breaking journey?

This guide introduces you to various moves to master your foundation. Here are the top 10 moves you need to know.

Top 10 Breakdance Moves You Should Know

Learning how to breakdance can initially feel intimidating as you watch the professionals spinning and flipping on stage.

Generally, beginners should begin with the basic categories of moves, including:

  • Top Rock – Dancing while standing up.
  • Down Rock – Dancing on the floor, including the 14 styles of footwork and backrocks.
  • Freezes – Acrobatic poses.
  • Power moves – Spins and tricks that most people associate with breaking.

As with anything, starting slow and becoming confident in your moves will enable you to make the progress you want. By all means, be inspired by the moves you see at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games, but it’s important not to get carried away, or you could cause yourself an injury. 

So, what are the top moves to get started with? 

1. Top Rock

Before entering the ranks of the top 10 b-boys, you must start with the most basic step-touch movement. These are the preliminary steps of breakdancing before you launch yourself into your routine. 

This is nothing more than comfortably shifting your weight from one foot to the other, adding arm movements, and bringing in variations like shuffles, side steps, and kicks. Maintaining a relaxed, flexible upper body is critical to good top rock breakdance moves. 

2. 6-Step

The 6-step begins in a squatting position. Move your right foot in front while kicking your left to the side simultaneously. Your right foot should move back in while your left foot moves behind to the right, creating a circular motion.

Most teachers advocate starting this practice at home to improve body control and become comfortable with the flow of breaking.

Don’t forget to select the proper shoes for breaking to make moving seamlessly simple.

For the full six-step circle, follow this video tutorial to perfect it: 

3. Baby Freeze

The baby freeze is a beginner-level freeze to add to your arsenal. But how do you start with a baby freeze?

Begin the movement on your hands and knees. Lift one leg and place your knee against the back of your elbow on the same side. Your other hand should be used to balance the rest of your body.

The guide to perfect b-boy form in this freeze is to concentrate on keeping your body stable.

4. Back Spin

Before you learn how to do a headspin, it’s time to start a little simpler. 

The creation of the backspin was designed to create an incredible move that doesn’t require the incredible strength and technique required to perform more complex powermoves. 

Start by sitting on the floor and lying quickly on your back. Tuck your knees into your chest and kick your legs out. Simultaneously, push off with your arms to generate the momentum needed to rotate your body. The rotation occurs at the upper back, and the goal is not to spin but to control the spin and increase how long you can spin without stopping. 

5. Crab Freeze 

It’s about time to add another freeze to your arsenal. The crab freeze begins by sitting on the floor with your legs in front of you.

Place your hands behind you. Your fingers should be pointing away from your body at this stage. Now, lift your hips off the ground while leaning slightly forward. Balance on your hands and feet to make yourself into a human table.

6. Coffee Grinder 

Also known as the helicopter, the coffee grinder is a basic breakdancing move that will be the foundation for transitioning into more complicated breakdance moves. You should master this move before learning how to do a flare, windmill, or handstand.

Begin the move from a squatting position with one hand on the ground to support your weight. Swing your legs in a circular motion. Focus on shifting your weight toward the hand still on the floor.

7. Turtle Freeze

Another basic freeze, the turtle freeze, is another warmup move you can include within the perfect practice formula.

This is nothing more than placing both hands in front of you from a squatting position, leaning forward, and balancing on one elbow. Essentially, your weight should be resting on your forearm. 

From the back, your legs should be off the ground and tucked toward your chest.

8. Headstand

Feeling confident? Then, it’s time to try something a little more advanced. The headstand is a staple of breakdance moves, so it’s vital to master it. 

However, with 22% of breaking injuries occurring in the neck, this should be done with a spotter and a relatively soft surface (not concrete). 

Begin in a kneeling position with your hands on the ground. Slip your head in front of your hands to create a triangle for better balance, and lift your legs off the ground. Engage your core to balance your body weight and hold as long as possible. 

9. Comboing

Comboing are not moves in themselves but moves chained together. This is all part of the flow of dancing and is the core of leveling up your breaking skills. 

If you’re ready to help yourself win battles, practice transitioning smoothly between all the moves above while maintaining your rhythm and momentum.

10.  Windmill

Windmilling is an iconic breaking move you must learn at some point. But figuring out how to windmill can seem confusing at first. 

Begin from the same position as your backspin. Only advanced breakers should begin from the standing position due to the increased risk of injury. Roll onto your shoulders while swinging your legs in a circular motion. Use your arms to maintain momentum and rotate until you move to your upper back. The goal here is to keep kicking your legs and swinging in a controlled way without stopping. 


These top 10 breakdance moves are your introduction to this hip-hop sub-genre. Take your time, don’t be afraid to step back, and make form your ultimate priority to become a better breaker. 

For extra help and expert coaching, sign up for the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo today.


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